Pawl Wire for One-Way & Multi-Directional Clutches

steel pawl wire for one-way clutches

At Bekaert, we manufacture pawl wires for one-way and multi-directional clutch mechanisms as well as other “lock-up” devices such as seat belt retractors. These custom-made steel profiles make precise pawls, struts, cams, and other “lock-up” elements for your clutch designs, delivering powerful performance and reliability that meet the demands of your application.

We create “net” and “near-net” shapes with both cold rolling and cold drawing. Additionally, our finished part services include cutting, deburring, heat-treatment and isotropic finishing. The final parts are ready for installation into your clutch assemblies.

Features and Applications of Pawl Profiles

Pawl clutch wires and profiles from Bekaert deliver superior results in one-way & multi-directional clutch designs. High-quality alloy steels, or high-carbon steels, ensures our pawl profiles are durable while precision cutting and deburring techniques create accurate parts.

Advantages of Pawl Wires and Finished parts from Bekaert

When you choose Bekaert for pawl clutch wire, you benefit from our advanced processes and customized manufacturing. Advantages include:

  • High precision: We work with you to develop functional and repeatable geometric shapes for your pawls/struts/cams/locking segments. 
  • Co-creation: We create burr-free, near-net shapes that fits your precise tolerances and dimensions for optimal performance within your clutch or other rotating lock-up devices.
  • High StrengthBased on your application requirements, Bekaert selects quality (AISI/SAE/EN/JIS) alloy steels or high-carbon steels ensuring part strength after heat-treatment.
  • Flexible delivery: Bekaert delivers pawl wires and finished struts according to your production process. Multiple packaging options are available depending on your automated feed and assembly systems. 
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Why Choose Bekaert for Your Pawl and Strut Wires?

Bekaert has been making precision strut profiles and finished rocker pawls for over 20 years.  Our experienced team of Process Engineers and Metallurgists, quality certified facility, and advanced equipment work together with you to manufacture pawl wires and finished parts that meet your product specifications.

We are dedicated to customer service every step of the way. Our processes lead to cost-effective solutions for your manufacturing operation.  Fast turnaround times ensure you get the products you need, when you need them. Pre-production prototyping allows you to confirm your component performance before series production begins.

Bekaert favors co-development opportunities if you are seeking a reliable manufacturing partnership. We have been in business for over 140 years.  Contact us today to learn more about our engineering options and design collaboration.

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  • Customizable to fit specific clutch designs
  • Extends service life and improves reliability
  • Requires less post-processing
  • Available in flexible packaging



Shape Complex
Number of Wires 1
Coating None
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