Pump Vane Profiles

Pump vane steel wire profiles are metal parts that move fluids for a wide range of applications, including engine oils. These critical components require precision and durability for high-performance results. At Bekaert, we use our advanced profiling techniques to meet the tight tolerances needed for pump vane profiles.


Table of Contents

  1. What Are Pump Vanes?
  2. Advantages of Vanes for Rotary Pumps
  3. Challenges With Steel Vane Pump Profiles
  4. Manufacturing Pump Vane Profiles with Bekaert
  5. Why Choose Bekaert for Your Pump Vanes?
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What Are Pump Vanes?

Vane profiles are essential components in vane pumps, which are a type of rotary positive displacement pump. The vanes attach to a cylindrical rotor and create distinct compartments for fluid to be trapped and transported around the rotor.

Vane pumps can have sliding or flexible vanes. Sliding vanes slide into slots on the rotor and move outward when a centrifugal force pushes them toward the cam ring surrounding the rotor — these are the types of vanes Bekaert can manufacture for your project.

Advantages of Vanes for Rotary Pumps

When the vanes for a pump have the right specifications, the pump offers various benefits. Vane pumps are ideal for pumping low- and medium-viscosity liquids, and they provide smooth and accurate output. Even with varying feed pressure, vane pumps provide constant flow. 

Vane pump designs create minimal metal-to-metal contact, reducing overall wear. The sliding vane pump design also compensates for vane wear over time. Even as these vanes get shorter from worn ends, the vanes will still slide to the cam ring via centrifugal force. Generally, vane pumps are low maintenance, and they can be used in reverse if needed.

Challenges With Steel Vane Pump Profiles

The most notable challenge with vane profiles is the variability based on pump design. Some vane pumps are balanced, while others are unbalanced or variable. The various pump designs will influence the specifications of the vanes, including the appropriate material, shape and size.

Vane profiles must feature specific measurements to slide in and out of the rotary slots without disrupting the fluid flow. When these vanes do not move with the centrifugal force, your pump will not function as needed, or you may experience lower flow and pressure that is not appropriate for your project. 

At Bekaert, our turnkey approach enables us to deliver vane profiles that are unique to your pump design. We believe in collaboration when working with manufacturers, so we take the time to fully understand your project before developing vane profiles. 

Manufacturing Pump Vane Profiles with Bekaert

Bekaert uses several profiling techniques to create precise pump vanes; flat vanes or pendulum-shaped vanes. With the methods of cold-rolling and cold-drawing, we can shape steel profiles with tight tolerances.

Working with you, together we select to optimal steel chemistry for your application: AISI/SAE/DIN/JIS high-carbon steels, alloy steels or stainless steels. Finishing techniques such as precision cutting, hardening & tempering and isotropic finishing improve metal properties for extended wear and tighter tolerances.

Why Choose Bekaert for Your Pump Vanes?

Bekaert has been making precision profiles and exact-length parts for over 20 years. Our experienced team of Process Engineers and Metallurgists, quality certified facility and advanced equipment work together with you to manufacture vane profiles and finished vanes that meet your product specifications.

We are dedicated to customer service every step of the way. Our processes lead to cost-effective solutions for your manufacturing operation.  Fast turnaround times ensure you get the products you need, when you need them. Pre-production prototyping allows you to confirm your pump performance before series production begins.

Bekaert favors co-development opportunities if you are seeking a reliable manufacturing partnership. In these partnerships, we can ideate with you to develop manufacturing projects from the beginning. These opportunities pave the way for innovation in your production line and provide a reliable source for your outsourced manufacturing needs. 

Contact Bekaert Today

At Bekaert, our core competencies in cold-rolling, cold-drawing and more enable us to deliver vane profiles that suit your project's unique specifications. We are a team of innovative problem solvers, and we're prepared to complete your project to specification.

We have been in business for over 140 years, allowing us to offer decades of experience. Reach out today to learn more about our capabilities.