Pierce Nut Wire

Bekaert pierce nut wires are work-hardened steel profiles with custom-made grooves for the attachment of the nuts to sheet metal during the stamping process. Fastener manufacturers produce pierce nuts from continuous coils of these pre-shaped wires. Pierce nuts become integral fastening points to join metal panels together, or for mounting subsequent parts to the panels. Pierce nuts offer a durable and reliable fastening method for mass-produced parts and products, resisting torque, shear loads, vibration and tension.

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Bekaert can provide continuous coils of pre-shaped pierce nut profiles up to 4,400 lbs. (2 MT) Request more information about our pierce nut wires today.

Wire Advantages

  •  Dove-tail grooves to secure the pierce nuts to sheet metal
  •  Multiple pierce nut profiles available
  •  Multiple steel chemistries available (AISI/SAE: C-1015, C-1022, 10B21)
  • Large continuous coils, no welds, for high productivity nut-making

Wire Applications

  • Automotive body panels

  • Interior components (seating, door panels, IP)

  • Engine compartment

  • Appliances / White-goods

  • Lawn and Garden equipment

  • Agricultural products

  • Other Industrial Applications

Why Choose Bekaert Pierce Nut Wires?

Bekaert is the world's largest independent manufacturer of shaped steel wire products. Our plant operates around the clock with high-precision tools and trained technicians. We work with our clients to offer them the best possible products.

At Bekaert, our dedication to customers and fastener industry experience make us a trustworthy partner for your product development. Quick turnaround times and personalized service ensure you meet your fastener production goals. Order pierce nut wire from us by getting in touch with our team today.



  • Ensures firm fastening
  • Requires less post-processing
  • High process stability
  • Allows high pull through and push out forces


Shape Complex
Coating None
Number of Wires 1