Pierce Nut Wire

Pierce nut wires from Bekaert consist of work-hardened steel profiles with custom-made grooves used for attaching nuts to sheet metal during metal stamping. Fastener manufacturers worldwide utilize our continuous coils of pre-shaped wires to produce pierce nuts. Pierce nuts become integral fastening points to join metal panels together or for mounting subsequent parts to the panels. 

Pierce nuts offer a durable and reliable fastening method for mass-produced parts and products, resisting torque, shear loads, vibration and tension. Bekaert can provide continuous coils of pre-shaped pierce nut profiles up to 4,400 pounds or 2 metric tons.

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Advantages of Bekaert Pierce Nut Wire

Specific advantages of our pierce nut wire include:

  • Security and durability: Superior-quality dove-tail grooves secure the pierce nuts to the sheet metal accurately and reliably.
  • Versatility: Multiple pierce nut profiles are available to fit the needs of your unique applications.
  • Variety: We offer various steel chemistries, including AISI/SAE C-1015, C-1022 and 10B21 steel.
  • Productivity: Our pierce nut wire comes in large continuous coils without welds to ensure high-productivity nut-making.

Steel Pierce Nut Wire Applications

Bekaert's steel pierce nut wire is the core component in manufacturing pierce nuts — also called self-piercing nuts or self-clinching nuts. These nuts install into sheet metal to form a threaded hole used for various fastening applications across a comprehensive industry range, including automotive and exterior products

Pierce nuts are among the most popular fasteners for sheet metal because they are self-piercing, meaning they do not need a pilot or pre-punched hole for installation. Also, since their installation eliminates the fumes and sparks associated with weld-nut assembly, pierce nuts are an eco-friendly fastening option. 

Several examples of applications for pierce nuts include:

  • Automotive body panels.
  • Interior components, including seating, door panels and ingress protection (IP).
  • Engine compartments.
  • Appliances and white goods.
  • Lawn and garden equipment.
  • Agricultural products.
  • Other industrial applications.

Why Choose Bekaert for Pierce Nut Wire?

Having produced industry-leading solutions since 1980 and serving over 120 countries, Bekaert is the world's largest independent manufacturer of shaped steel wire products. Our plants operate around the clock with high-precision tools and trained technicians to offer our clients the best possible wire solutions with some of the industry's fastest lead times. We strive to help you simplify your fabrication processes by being a single source for all your wire product needs.

Our engineering teams have decades of combined experience working closely with clients and confirming that our wire products meet your company's unique operational requirements. We can help you achieve your manufacturing goals by creating a solution tailored to your application. In addition, our team performs extensive testing and conducts quality checks throughout each manufacturing process, ensuring our products meet or exceed your expectations while following recommended industry standards. 

We also have multiple facilities worldwide that enable our customer service and engineering teams to offer the individualized attention your business deserves, regardless of your facility's size or location.

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At Bekaert, our dedication to customers and fastener industry experience make us a trustworthy partner for your product development, and our technical expertise helps us stand out as one of the industry's most elite steel wire manufacturers. Quick turnaround times and world-class customer service ensure you meet your fastener production goals. 

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  • Ensures firm fastening
  • Requires less post-processing
  • High process stability
  • Allows high pull through and push out forces


Shape Complex
Coating None
Number of Wires 1