Spoke wire

Bekaert offers a range of galvanized or plastic-coated, high carbon wires for bicycle or motorcycle spokes. The wires combine high hardness with good tensile strength to create excellent impact resistance. The zinc, or PET coated, surface provides the optimal protection against the elements. Standard diameters of spoke wire are in stock and ready for shipment.

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Providing the right support

Bekaert spoke wire for bicycle or motorcycle spokes features high tensile strength. The wire provides the right amount of tension and support to the wheel to make it strong, sturdy and durable.  At the same time, the wire is light enough to support an aerodynamic design. The zinc or PET coated surface gives your spokes a longer lifetime.

Meeting your production needs

The smooth and highly adhesive coating is easy to form without getting damaged in the process. This results in a higher output and a significant reduction in waste.  Our flexible, just-in-time service will also reduce your inventory and with it your working capital.



  • Contributes to a long service life
  • Adaptable make-up for a smooth payoff
  • Enables a smooth forming process


Bulk Material C-steel, Stainless steel
Shape Wire
Coating Nylon, Polyester, Combinations, Other polymer