Sealing Wire

Bekaert’s galvanized wire can be easily shaped to accommodate a thigh seal around vehicle doors and windows.  The zinc coating prevents corrosion caused by various forms of precipitation.

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A perfect fit to any contour

Unlike plastic solutions, steel wire reinforced sealing strips are more durable. The wires can be shaped to a thigh seal that fits around any vehicle door and window without pulling or stretching. The wire's zinc coating provides an excellent protection against moisture, changing temperatures and various forms of precipitation.

A smooth formability

Its good coating adhesion enables a smooth production process without flaking or dust formation. For producers of weather strips who prefer to apply their own coating, we also deliver bright sealing wires.



  • Enables a good formability
  • Allows a smooth production process
  • Extends the lifetime of your sealing stripes


Bulk Material C-steel
Shape Wire
Coating Zinc