Window Regulator Cord For Vehicles

Our window regulator cord, part of a window regulator system that allows door windows of cars, trucks and industrial vehicles to go either up or down, guarantees a long-lasting and reliable performance.

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Because window regulator systems are frequently used and operate at the wet side of the door module in very harsh climatic conditions, they run a high risk of failure.  That’s why the demands for a quality steel cord are higher than ever.

As a partner we continuously develop to stay ahead of these demands by delivering innovative solutions in terms of corrosion resistance and durability.  With our high quality products, we allow cord assembly and window regulator manufacturers from the automotive industry to have a smooth production process, smarter product design, elimination of quality costs, expensive recalls and reliable and long-lasting end products



  • High resistance against corrosion
  • Reliable performance by low wear and no noise on plastic parts
  • Increased fatigue life of the cord
  • Clear answers on secure and problem-free processing


Bulk Material C-steel
Shape Cord - rope - strand
Coating Zinc
Number of Wires 13-37