Window Regulator Cord For Vehicles

Window regulator cords move car and truck windows up or down. We design steel cords for long lifetime and easy processing during cable assembly and door module production.

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Our customers use window regulator cables in space restricted door modules. The quality of our material survives harsh environmental conditions during the lifetime of a car. We offer a wide range of products from industrial standards to high-end products with advanced coating technologies.

In addition to our zinc coating we have developed and successfully implemented Bezinal® 2000 in the market. This superior coating type consists of an alloy of 90 % zinc and 10 % aluminum which protects the window regulator cord from corrosion. You will notice the superior fatigue and corrosion resistance.

Quality is our mission

Our advanced processes and meticulous quality control are designed with one goal in mind: ensuring you receive zero-defect materials every time. This commitment to excellence means we deliver window regulator cable inners without wire fractures. It enables you to provide more reliable products to your customers and end users. We're here to support your ambitions for quality and reliability, because when you succeed, so do we.

Striving to improve

Our laboratory disposes of specially designed test equipment to improve fatigue resistance and enhance anti-corrosion properties. It also  allows our experienced researchers to develop window regulator cables which are more silent than ever when moving car windows up and down.  

If you face technical issues with your current car window regulator, our knowledgeable and experienced support team is always here to help.





  • Long fatigue life
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Low noise and wear of parts such as plastic guides


Coating Zinc, Zinc-Aluminum (Bezinal® 2000), lubricant​
Number of Wires 49 to 75​