Seat Recliner Connection Rods

Shaped and cut-to-length steel connecting rods, torsion bars, or transmission rods for seat recliner systems are an important part of the overall design for automotive seating. At Bekaert, we create seat recliner bars or tubes according to your specifications to ensure function and safety in vehicle seats.

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Automotive Seat Recliner Rods Manufactured at Bekaert

Multi-lobed shaped steel connecting rods, or transmission rods, are vital components in reclining seat systems both powered and manual. They link adjustment mechanisms on either side of the seat. In manual systems, a control lever operates on one side of the seat to move the connecting rod synchronizing the rotation of both adjustment mechanisms. Powered seats rotate the recliner bar with an electric motor.

With a durable connecting rod, users can adjust their seats safely and efficiently. Connecting rods also help maintain the reclined position once the seat is locked into place.

These bars or tubes must synchronize with the recliner mechanisms for secure locking and transmit rotary movement for a smooth reclining motion. At Bekaert, we create steel connecting rods with precision to deliver the right bar or tube for your seat reclining system.

Our steel rods have high torque durability in solid, tube and hybrid styles for the best results. Bekaert will help engineer compact and lightweight torsion rod designs. Our rapid prototyping services lead to tailor-made designs for proof-of-concept applications.

We manufacture our ready-for-assembly bars or tubes with your preferred profile geometry, such as squares, hexagons, star-shaped, or multiple lobes. Our finishing techniques include brush deburring, chamfering, drilling, staking and machining — Bekaert will provide a specific bar-end finishing at your request.

Our Manufacturing Process for Seat Recliner Connecting Rods

At Bekaert, we use a cold drawing to make the connecting rods to your specifications. We cut the rods to exact lengths, finish the rods per your specifications, and then package them to your requirements.

Our consistent process ensures that each rod is manufactured with the quality and care needed for each automotive seat.

Choose Bekaert for Seat Recliner Connecting Rods

At Bekaert, our trained technicians and well-equipped plants are excellent resources for your operation. Our metalworking skills paired with attentive customer service make us a reliable partner for steel parts manufacturing. We work closely with your Engineering team to understand your application needs. Our Process engineers will ensure that we produce the quality parts you require for your seat recliner mechanisms.

Bekaert handles all manufacturing processes under one roof, from planning and development to die cutting and testing. If you have specific shipping needs or order quantity requirements, we incorporate them into your delivery schedule