Spring Wire

At Bekaert, we manufacture spring wires for a wide variety of automotive applications.  These tailor-made high-carbon or alloyed flat spring steel wires work for specific power spring applications like belt tensioners, seat recliners, window regulators and dampers as well as various hard-drawn shaped wire applications.

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We offer various steel treatments, sizes and strengths to reflect your project requirements. Whether you need springs for comfortable seats or a functional engine, our spring wires will work for your spring requirements.

Manufacture Your Seats With Spring Wire From Bekaert

Spring wire is a critical material for creating springs, which play a significant role in many parts of an automobile. Compression springs absorb energy upon compression and release it at decompression, making them vital to safety and function.

A common location for sinuous springs (aka: “Zig Zag springs”) is the car seat. Automotive seat spring wire needs to support the weight of the driver or passenger and make the area comfortable for sitting. When a driver rides over rugged terrain, sinuous springs will absorb the force and ensure a smooth ride. 

Power springs are also critical for seat reclining mechanisms. Discontinuous recliners use a lever release configuration and power springs push the seat forward when unlatched. Continuous recliners use wrap springs with start/stop functionality.

These springs need to have specific sizes and strengths for proper energy absorption. At Bekaert, we create our seat spring wire according to your specifications. We provide solutions for manual and electric-powered recliners, and with our established history working with spring manufacturers, you can trust our expertise.

For discontinuous recliners and continuous recliners, we use flat or rectangular spring wires that are hardened and tempered or hard-rolled.

Bekaert's Advantages for Automotive Spring Wire

Bekaert spring wire offers superior durability for your car seat springs. We can create a broad range of sizes and tensile strengths to support seats, doors, window regulators and more. Our spring wires also have excellent fatigue properties to ensure they last as vehicles age.

We adapt the carbon steel to your application with different development processes, including:

  •  Induction hardening
  •  Annealing
  •  Hot rolling
  • Oil tempering

We work side by side with your engineering team to develop your spring wires to your exact specifications. With this cooperative development process, you get the parts you're looking for every time.

Why Choose Bekaert for Car Seat Wire?

At Bekaert, we work directly with your team to create springs that reflect your project specifications. Our plant operates 24/7 with our trained technicians to bring you high-quality manufactured materials according to your timeline. We keep our clients in mind every step of the way, from capability questions to delivery and order quantities.

We're equipped to handle all production processes under one roof, effectively cutting costs and manufacturing time. Our industry-leading equipment supports strong results for every product, while our diverse testing methods offer superior quality control.

Bekaert makes an excellent development partner for manufacturing companies. We find ways to work alongside your team, assessing engineering needs and creating flexible solutions for products that meets your performance standards. Trust us for high quality spring wire. Note: Bekaert does not manufacture springs.

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  • Adaptable properties of the basic materials: induction hardened, oil tempered, hard rolled or annealed
  • A broad range of sizes and tensile strenghts with excellent fatigue properties
  • Co-development


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