Sun visor wire

Bekaert offers a special type of low carbon, galvanized wire for sun visors that can be easily formed to match a car’s design. Use it to create consistent wire shapes that meet your specific design. We keep the most standard grades in stock for you and ship worldwide.

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Creating a tight frame

Bekaert’s rigid wire frame encloses an auto visor’s shape perfectly and supports its plastic foam body.  Make the shape you want using this highly formable, steel wire.

Consistency in product and production

Bekaert offers a special type of low carbon, galvanized wires with consistent mechanical properties.  This wire features narrow diameter tolerances, uniform and consistent tensile strength. It helps you efficiently produce consistent wire shapes.

Flexible supply for a smooth production

We can forecast your stock levels and hold capacity in line with your needs. So when you need us, we are ready.  Bekaert assures the global consistency of its Bessemer wire by strictly monitoring the production process, including the length and the weight of the bundles.



  • Smooth forming process
  • Efficient production process
  • Allows tight dimensions
  • Constant supply and timely deliveries available