Box stapling wire

Bekaert offers a wide range of galvanized flat and round box stapling wires. The wire has all the right properties to support a reliable, sturdy fastener. Features include a smooth and clean surface that is easy to process, an excellent corrosion resistance and a reliable tensile strength.

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Strong and simple solutions

A stable, hard-wearing wooden crate or box requires a sturdy, steel wire that can be easily processed at a competitive price. The wire needs to have a smooth and clean surface that doesn’t rust and has a reliable tensile strength. Bekaert’s box stapling wire can be a solution for you.

Meeting your production and quality requirements

Bekaert‘s galvanized box stapling wire base is derived from high-quality, raw materials and meets the requirements for a reliable, competitive end-product. Thanks to a global production and distribution network, we can offer you a quick and efficient delivery. Our wire is available on different packaging so you can choose a spool that offers you the best pay-off and quickest change-overs.

Our flexibility will speed up your process

Having several production plants at strategic parts in the world, we can fulfill your orders quickly and efficiently. We offer a wide choice of spools to enable high-speed pay-off and quick change-overs.



  • Extends service life and improves reliability
  • Can be used in high speed stapling guns
  • No burrs or sharp edges
  • Maintains a smooth, clean surface finish


Bulk Material C - steel
Shape Wire
Coating Nylon, Polyester, Bio-polymer, Other polymer