Steel wire for airport sweepers

Increase the service life of your airport sweepers with Bekaert’s high carbon steel brush wires. These high strength, crimped steel wires create the perfect brush effect and are galvanized to provide optimal protection against snow, ice, water or salt.

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Extend your brush life

Bekaert brush wire for airport sweepers feature a high fatigue and wear resistance. This helps keeping your brooms firm, in-shape, and ready for heavy-duty sweeping jobs such as the removal of debris, snow, ice and track marks. The high strength of the wires also contributes to a more reliable and safer brush design. Low quality wires can break during sweeping and cause damage to the vehicle.

Customized to your requirements

Bekaert crimped steel wire is suitable for either wafer or cassette brushes. The wires can be bright or electrogalvanized and meet both local and international quality and safety standards. They are available in various diameters and tensile strengths.

Experienced producer of steel brush wires

Bekaert brush wires are available in a wide range of tempers, tensile strengths and steel alloys. Whether your brushes need to clean, polish or deburr, we are able to adapt the diameters, hardness or surface finish to provide wire that contributes to the perfect brushing effect.



  • Handles any weather condition
  • Allows extensive brushing
  • Extends brush life
  • Meets ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards


Shape Wire
Bulk Material C-steel
Coating None, Zinc