Special belt reinforcement solutions

The transportation of minerals from loading to the disposal point is a critical activity and one of the most vital components of mining operations. Many mining sites choose conveyor belts over truck transport due to lower total cost of ownership and terrain obstacles. Still, the weak point in conveyor belts remains their poor resistance against cuts, rips and impact, which reduces their lifetime. To keep belt rips to a minimum Bekaert has been working with several conveyor belt manufacturers to develop an integrated ‘self-protecting conveyor belt’: a belt which is reinforced from its inside core, using steel cord.

Fleximat® is a woven steel cord fabric with steel cord in transversal and/or longitudinal direction fixed together in one ply and used for impact, cutting or heat resistance.

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  • Increased uptime and cost-saving operation
  • Longer life performance
  • Impact and cutting resistance


Shape Cord - rope - strand
Bulk Material C-steel
Coating Brass