Roof and slate hook wire

Our high strength, corrosion resistant wire helps you create a range of slate hooks that can stand the test of time. It is designed to help speed up your production processes. Delivered on coils, this wire unwinds smoothly on automated, high-speed machinery. 

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Safe in all types of weather

Bekaert’s hook wire for slate or roof fixings is strong, easy to form and highly corrosion resistant.  It can resist strong wind uplift and the harshest environmental conditions. Use it to create hooks that can secure large and heavy slates safely.

Speed up your forming process

Our wire is delivered in pattern laid coils for smooth unwinding on your automated high-speed forming machinery. Our wire features narrow diameter tolerance and uniform, consistent tensile strength.

Coating options available

You can choose the type of zinc aluminum coating to create the ideal result for your project.  The choices are Bezinal®, which offers excellent corrosion resistance and smooth formability, and Bezinal® 2000, for the highest corrosion resistance. 





  • Easy to form
  • Durable roof slate support
  • Good in even the harshest weather conditions


Shape Wire
Bulk Material C-steel
Coating Zinc
Number of Wires 13-37