Elevator rope wire

Our elevator rope wire is made from bright phosphated and redrawn galvanized wires. They are designed for use in traction- and deflection sheaves. Featuring high tensile strength and excellent ductility, the wire helps increase the service life of your rope. Meets EN-10264-2 specifications. The wire is customizable to your project.

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Assuring your performance

Bekaert has a full range of elevator rope wire of bright phosphated and redrawn galvanized wires. They are ideal for the creation of elevator ropes because of their high tensile strength and excellent ductility. On the rope level, these properties lead to optimal fatigue performance. The wire can increase the service life of your rope and reduce your rope’s maintenance.

Meeting your requirements

The smooth coating surface of the wire, and the adapted packing they come in, helps your production process run smoothly. They are suitable for double-twist stranding machines. Bekaert elevator rope wire meets the standard EN-10264-2 specifications. Our global team of experts can also help customize the properties to your specific requirements.

Creating a reliable tension member

The quality of the steel wires used for elevator cores has a substantial impact on the service life of the rope. When running over the traction- and deflection sheaves, the wires in the rope are exposed to high tension- and flexural stresses, causing friction which will result in abrasive wear. Our elevator rope wire’s excellent mechanical properties are a solution for these issues.





  • Increasing the service life
  • Reduce rope maintenance
  • Adapted packaging for double-twist stranding machines


Shape Wire
Bulk Material C-steel
Coating Bezinal® , None, Zinc
Number of Wires 100-1000