Durafence coated steel wire fencing solutions for public and industrial sites

Durafence fencing solutions are designed to ward intruders from public and industrial properties. Our portfolio consists of welded mesh panels of various dimensions with matching gates and posts. Combined coating solutions are used to increase the fences longevity even in the most corrosive and industrial environments.

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Optimal security

Durafence fencing solutions are ideal for securing a variety of applications, including schools, parks, sporting venues, industrial and mining sites and more. The highly rigid structure of the welded panels provides high impact resistance and the narrow spaced wires make them extremely hard to climb.

Highly customizable

To secure any perimeter, our portfolio includes 3D, 2D and 2D super type welded mesh panels of various dimensions and heights. Our solutions include all fittings and fixtures for quick and efficient installation, and are available with matching posts and gates. To increase their longevity, our fencing solutions are available with different or combined coating solutions including zinc, polyester and Bezinal® 2000, our own brand of zinc aluminum.

Experienced provider of fencing solutions

Our experience in producing fences for a wide range of purposes enables us to provide you with the best possible solution and technical support.  We have the unique ability to control the entire production process of our fences, from wire rod to finished product.





  • Extra-long service-life
  • Easy to install
  • Fully customizable
  • Anti-climb