Durafence coated steel wire fencing solutions for transport infrastructure

Durafence fencing solutions protect the safety and security of transportation infrastructures. The 3D bend design of the welded panels makes them more resistant to impact and climbing. Our solutions combine different coating combinations, panel sizes and gates, and include matching posts, fittings and fixtures for easy installation.

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Long service-life in any atmosphere

Whether it is to keep people and animals off the premises, or to keep the assets of the infrastructure intact, Durafence fencing solutions offer optimal security.  The high quality and unique design of the welded panels not only improves the impact resistance of the fence, it also makes them hard to climb. By adding different coating combinations, Durafence fencing solutions maintain their longevity in any atmosphere; from high-emissions in dense urban areas, to saline spray in marine environments.

Customizable to match your safety requirements

Durafence can be easily customized to match your safety requirements.  To enable a quick and efficient installation, Durafence fencing solutions are available in different sized panels complete with matching posts, fittings, fixtures and different types of gates. To increase their longevity, our fencing solutions are available with different or combined coating solutions including zinc, polyester and Bezinal® 2000, our own brand of zinc aluminum.

Experienced provider of fencing solutions

Our experience in producing fences for a wide range of purposes enables us to provide you with the best possible solution and technical support.  We have the unique ability to control the entire production process of our fences, from wire rod to finished product.





  • Extra-long service-life
  • Easy to install
  • High rigidity
  • Climb resistant