Barrier strand

With all parking structures comes the need for cost effective barrier products. These barriers are the “safety net” between cars or people falling off the edge of a parking garage.  Bekaert produces various sizes of steel strands that are installed to provide such solutions.  Usage of advanced metallic coatings ( Bezinal, Bezinal2000 and Bezinal3000 ) results in long life. 

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The steel strands are capable of restraining the impact load of moving vehicles and allow for pedestrian protection as specified in the Universal Building Code.  Bekaert is your one source for domestically manufactured and certified material.



  • Construction
  • Roads & bridges
  • Solid Concrete walls add extra weight, cost and reduce visibility in parking structures. Bekaert Barrier strand solves these problems by providing a quality barrier product with safety and cost savings in mind.


  • Safety for autos & pedestrians
  • Cost and weight savings
  • Improved visibility and light
  • Better options for corrosive areas