Steel strands for cable stayed bridges

Steel strands for cable stayed bridges
Increase the safety and long-term reliability of your cable stayed bridges. Bekaert’s highly ductile, super high tensile tension elements are designed and produced to meet the 100 year design life. These robust, seven wire strands feature multilayer corrosion protection consisting of Bezinal®3000, wax and HDPE sheathing.

Strands you can rely on


High quality tension elements

Bekaert’ tension strands for cable stay bridges feature tensile strengths up to 2 200 Mpa and high breaking load and fatigue properties on wire level. Our master or reference strands are produced with precision tolerances up to 0.005% (equals 5 mm tolerance on 100 m of strand) and meet the NF A35-035 and ISO15630-3 standards.

Multilayer corrosion protection

The strands are protected by three layers of corrosion protective coatings;

  • Bezinal®3000: This advanced zinc aluminum coating complies with the NFA 35-035 standard (190 – 350 g/m²). Bezinal®3000 offers superior corrosion and cathodic protection which, compared to zinc, lasts up to 4 times longer when exposed to pollution or marine environments (DIN SS 5002, ASTM B117, ISO 9227).
  • Wax: This coating is completely water resistant and has been specifically designed for stay cables. The wax features high mechanical stability, and offers additional corrosion resistance to the metallic coating below.
  • HDPE sheathing: This layer consists of pure PE that has been tightly extruded around the strand. The standard wall thickness of the sheath is 1.5mm (thicker sizes available upon request).

Meeting Fib and PTI recommendations

Bekaert HDPE extruded stay cable strands comply with Fib and PTI recommendations for stay cable design testing. Our strands successfully pass the pull-pull fatigue test of 2000 000 cycles, leading to more durable stay cables.

High service flexibility

Bekaert’s production facility includes high-end production machinery including brand-new extruding and stranding equipment. Our advanced machine park allows us to increase our production capacity to meet even the largest projects. To further reduce time, money and waste, Bekaert is able to supply volumes up to 4,5 tons per coil. For your installation convenience, our master strands are supplied in pieces marked to exact length.

Proven performance

Bekaert has a long track record in providing wire, strand and cable solutions for a wide range engineering structures. Our super high tensile wire has a particular strong track record in deep water mooring applications as well as for cable stayed bridges such as:

  • Queensferry Crossing (Scotland)                    Reference case Queensferry Crossing
  • Balang bridge (Indonesia)
  • St. Lawrence Corridor (Canada)

Sustainable solution


Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

Bekaert Environmental Product Declaration is a comprehensive report disclosing the environmental impacts of a product over its cradle-to-gate life cycle. This declaration is the Type III Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)  based on EN 15804:2012+A1 and verified according to ISO 14025 by an external auditor.

What does it mean?

To produce 1 kg of HDPE sheathed galvanized and waxed stay cable strand in our plant in Slovakia, below values of CO₂ are emitted into the atmosphere:

                                  A1          raw material                         0.671 kg CO₂
                                  A2          transport to Bekaert             0.000655 kg CO₂
                                  A3          manufacturing process        0.329 CO₂

Why is the this declaration important?

  1. to understand carbon footprint of the cable stay strand in general
  2. this declaration is often required by end users
  3. it helps you to calculate the CO₂ footprint of a particular structure


  • 100 year service-life
  • Short-time delivery of large volumes
  • Marked-to-length master strands for easier installation
  • High service flexibility


Shape Cord - rope - strand
Bulk Material C-steel
Coating Bezinal® , Zinc
Number of Wires 6-12
  • better together

    Situation Skiers count on safety when they go up the mountain

    Solution In close cooperation Bekaert developed superior quality wires that meet the technical customer requirements of ropeway constructors

    Result The customer handles the production of the cables, but also on-site weaving (or splicing) and installation. The cables have a life expectancy up to 40 years

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    Situation We need a safe solution and huge monthly volumes

    Solution Via tests in the Bekaert lab, we worked out the required fiber mix with the lowest cost to serve our customers

    Result Cost efficiency must not be a compromise on quality

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    Solution Applying Brickforce® allows me to double my joint distance

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    Solution We analyze possibilities and come with economical solutions

    Result Save money and time during construction

  • better together

    Situation Customer demand for compact boiler design through a total solution.

    Solution Joint development of an environment-friendly burner system.

    Result Customers improve their competitiveness.