Champagne cork wire

To give your wire hoods a high-end look, Bekaert offers Bekilacq®. This low carbon, steel wire is first galvanized and then lacquered in any color you like. The lacquer provides superior corrosion resistance. The smooth coating surface enables higher output from your machinery.


Consistently high quality

The perfect champagne cork wire is strong but easy to bend. Its coating needs to be soft and shouldn't not flake at high forming speeds. The strength of the wire is as critical as its corrosion resistance. To meet all these requirements, Bekaert created Bekilacq®.

Resistant to damp

Bekilacq® has superior corrosion resistance. This allows consumers to store their bottles in chilled and damp conditions.  Wire hoods made from Bekilacq® don’t get dull or rusty when kept in coolers, refrigerators, cellars.

Meeting your production needs

With the rising prices of raw materials, it is important to avoid waste. The smooth and highly adhesive coating is easy to form without getting damaged in the process. This results in higher output and a significant reduction in waste. Our flexible, just-in-time service will also reduce your inventory and with it your working capital.



  • Provides an attractive, colored surface finish
  • Various coatings available to match your design
  • Smooth pay-off
  • Smooth forming process


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Shape Wire
Coating Zinc