Header Rail Tilt Rod for Window Blinds

Bekaert manufactures custom-shaped, galvanized (zinc) coated tilt rods for horizontal and vertical blind header rail mechanisms. These essential rods allow synchronized adjustment of your slats or shade fabrics. With our advanced steel profiling techniques, we can create tilt rods that mate with your adjustment mechanisms no matter your customer’s window width. 


Manufacturing Tilt Rods With Bekaert

Our steel shaping methods produce custom tilt rods that are precise and durable. We use high-grade steel with cold-rolling and/or cold-drawing to meet your specifications for strength, straightness, twist, and corrosion resistance. Our galvanized surfaces are clean to eliminate any transfer of residue to your fabrics or slats during assembly. These steel profiling techniques create tilt rods that meet tight tolerances while enhancing the steel’s material properties.

Why Choose Bekaert for Your Window Coverings Tilt Rods?

Bekaert is your single source for custom tilt rods. With steel profiling and finishing techniques, we create a final product that fits your overall header mechanism design. Common geometries are triangular, hexagonal, square, and custom-shapes based on your tilt/rotate mechanisms.

We offer long lengths, up to 16 ft. (5 meters) for you to cut in-house for custom window widths. Bekaert can also offer exact-cut length tilt rods for higher-volume standard blind widths.

Bekaert packages galvanized tilt rods in plastic sleeves to keep them clean until you need them. We also ship them in heavy gage cardboard tubes, bundled onto wood boards to maintain straightness in transit and in storage.

Bekaert has been making tilt rods for over 25 years. We focus on customer service in everything we do. Bekaert will co-development with your Design Engineers for new window covering concepts that will deliver rapid results to bring your new ideas to market faster. Contact us today.