Bookbinding wire

Bekaert coated bookbinding wire for the printing and binding industry is versatile, high quality and available on demand. Binders can define the style and color of their combs by choosing one of four coated binding wires: galvanized, Tinobind®, Nylobind® or Metalobind®. Our range is the result of more than 50 years of experience as a binding wire supplier.

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A wide range of wire coatings

Smooth, shiny and/or colored wire, Bekaert‘s range coated coil binding wire meets any need:

Galvanized wire
Our range of galvanized wires offers the most basic binding solution in our scope. These wires look simple but offer a good quality and corrosion resistance.

Tinobind® is a tin-coated steel wire with a basic shiny finish.  This product elevates the basic galvanized wire with just a touch of gloss. Tinobind® offers the best quality/price ratio in our range of neutral colored binding wires.

Nylobind® is a colored polymer coating on top of steel wire. It is the reference product in our range. Nylobind® is available in a wide spectrum of colors.

Metalobind® is a transparent colored polymer layer on top of a zinc coated steel wire. These coatings together create a metallic look that adds extra shimmer and depth to your wire combs.

Suitable for high-speed processing

All our wires have an outstanding adhesion in narrow radii and a low surface friction. This allows high-speed processing and a high repeating accuracy.

Global presence

Bekaert has a worldwide network of sales offices, plants and warehouses. This enables us to offer you a quick and efficient service. Wherever your production is located, you will receive high quality binding wires. 



  • High quality finish in a wide range of colors
  • Smooth pay-off
  • Contributes to an accurate production process
  • Flexible delivery