Fishhook wire

Bekaert fish hook wire consists of a range of high-carbon steel wires or steel alloyed wires such as tungsten-vanadium. These wires feature excellent surface quality, high ductility and very consistent mechanical properties. Because of these features, Bekaert fishhook wire can easily be shaped and processed without losing any of its strength. 

These wires are suitable for a wide range of industrial and recreational fish hooks and have diameters ranging from 0.1 to 4.5 millimeters.


Table of Contents

  1. Strong and Flexible High-Carbon Wire For Your Application
  2. Meeting Your Production Needs
  3. Advantages of Bekaert Fishing Hooks
  4. Applications of Bekaert Fishhook Wires
  5. Why Work With Bekaert?
  6. Contact the Bekaert Team Today
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Strong and Flexible High-Carbon Wire For Your Application

Bekaert fish hook wire has a high carbon content resulting in a thin and sturdy hook. Unlike stainless steel, which might break under heavy strain, this wire is more likely to bend. The alloy composition of this high-carbon wire is also easier to process than stainless steel. The wire can be cut, bent, honed and hardened without losing its mechanical properties.

Meeting Your Production Needs

The wires are available in different packaging. The different coil types allow the wire to be easily unwound and formed without getting damaged in the process. This results in higher output and a significant reduction in waste.

Bekaert's fishhook wire solutions help streamline your production while maintaining the high quality of your final product. Our fishhook wire solutions offer various benefits for your production processes, including:

  • Exceptional stability for forming, barbing and pointing
  • Superior hardenability
  • Excellent coating properties for plating and galvanizing

Advantages of Bekaert Fishing Hooks

The Bekaert team has invested countless hours of research and testing in producing the highest-quality fishhook wire available. Few fishhook wire manufacturers invest more engineering, creativity and technological innovation into their products than Bekaert. Some of the primary advantages of our fishhook wire include the following:

  • Enables a stable forming process
  • Corrosion-resistant and consistent mechanical properties provide superior durability
  • Reliable quality
  • Available in different diameters, alloys, grades and finishes

Applications of Bekaert Fishhook Wires

Fishhooks typically hold a lure and attach to the end of a line that connects to a rod. These hooks serve a wide range of fishing applications, from general hobby fishing to specialized commercial trawling.

Why Work With Bekaert?

Bekaert has produced steel wire products and other industry-leading coating solutions since 1880, serving more than 120 countries. We have the flexibility, experience, technology and skills to develop many fishhook wire solutions with various diameters and material grades to meet your needs. As a global company that puts the highest value on quality and performance, we ensure that our wire products meet international industry standards. 

Because we have many global facilities, we can provide the service you need regardless of location. Our engineering team can work closely with you to answer questions about your unique applications and assist in developing a solution tailored to your requirements.

We perform various tests during product development and manufacturing to ensure that our products deliver optimal performance. We also conduct customer-specific testing as required. Our team orchestrates all testing in our ISO 9001-certified research facilities and consults with some of the world's leading laboratories to certify the results. 

Contact the Bekaert Team Today

If you're interested in learning more about how our fishhook wire solutions can benefit your business, the experts at Bekaert can help. Our team will take the time to understand your needs and specifications and collaborate with you to create a cost-effective, high-performance solution. Connect with us online today to get started. 





  • Enables a stable forming process
  • Durable (corrosion resistant and consistent mechanical properties)
  • Reliable quality
  • Available in different diameters, alloys, grades and finishes




Shape Wire
Bulk Material C-steel
Coating None