Hook and eye wire

Bekaert wire for hooks and eyes is available in a wide variety of tensile strengths. The wires are easy to form and have a long and reliable service-life. Depending on market and fashion trends, you can choose from a wide range of coating colors. The coatings are completely colorfast, avoiding fading over time. You can also easily dye the wire during your own production process.


The importance of choosing the right wire

Essential to the design, bra closures need to be strong and perfectly blend in with the fabric. It is important that the hooks and eyes don’t crack, snap or cascade. Bekaert hook and eye wire is a solution for these needs. The wires are first galvanized and then extruded with either nylon or PET.  Resulting in wire with a long lifetime that can be color-coated to blend in with the design.

Strong, yet easy to form

Both steel wire and its coating contribute to the production of an efficient clasp. The wire features high tensile strength, making it strong and reliable. The wire's sleek coating surface allows your customer to easily integrate the closures into the bra's fabric.

Meeting your production needs

The wires are available in different packaging. The smooth and highly adhesive coating is easy to form without getting damaged in the process. This results in higher output and a significant reduction in waste. Our flexible, just-in-time service will also reduce your inventory and with it your working capital.





  • Enables a smooth forming process
  • Requires no post-coating
  • Provides an attractive, colored surface finish
  • Adaptable make-up for a smooth pay-off


Shape Wire
Bulk Material C-steel
Coating Zinc, Polyester