Land cable armoring wire

Bekaert’s wire for underground power cables is a  proven and reliable armoring solution. The wire protects land cables against impact and has excellent corrosion resistance. In case of short circuits, the armoring can act as a earth conductor, grounding the cable.

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Avoiding cable damage

Our land cable armoring wires reduce the risk of downtime and damage due to rodents, construction work, ground pressure or other factors. Their high tensile strength and ductility provide the right amount of impact resistance and support for your cables.

The reliable partner

Our standard wire range is produced according to the EN 10244-2 specification. Its class A zinc coating allows a smooth production process. Bekaert also offers flexible delivery and on-site technical support.





  • Suitable for underground application
  • Prevents external intrusion damages
  • Ensures continuous and safe operation
  • Use in multiple-core cables


Bulk Material C-steel
Shape Wire
Coating Zinc
Number of Wires 13-37