Steel cord reinforced thermoplastic and rubber tapes - Armofor®

Bekaert steel cord reinforced tape consists of a number of high strength steel cords that are accurately positioned side-by-side within a thermoplastic (PP, PE, TPU, PA, PET,…) or rubber matrix. This specific design leads to a lightweight composite of superior strength. The ductile fracture behavior of the tape sets it apart from more brittle composites like glass or carbon fiber.

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Additional features include a high longitudinal tensile strength that is creep-free and a high fatigue resistance. Bekaert steel cord tape offers the ideal reinforcement for high impact and high pressure applications including flexible pipes, handrails, rubber hoses, conveyor belt splices and more.

In order to meet the requirements for specific applications, the features of this tape can be easily fine-tuned. We can use various cord constructions, apply specific rubber or plastic, use different coatings, tweak friction properties, and so on. Moreover, the tapes can be cut, spliced, fusion bonded, etc. to ensure a continuous production process for the customer.

Today, Bekaert steel cord thermoplastic reinforced tape is most often used as a helical reinforcement for pipes used in the oil and gas industry. This product is known as Armofor®. However, thanks to its flexible design options, this tape can be used for many different static or dynamic applications, in different industries or environments.



  • Ideal reinforcement for high impact and high pressure applications
  • High fatigue and corrosion resistance
  • High flexibility
  • Compatibility with broad range of environments (chemical resistance, …)


Shape Complex
Bulk Material Polymer, C-steel
Coating Polyester, Nylon, Other polymer, Zinc