Increase the performance of your pipeline

With Armofor®, our steel reinforced tape, your thermoplastic pipelines will stay flexible and reach a new level of operating performance at the same time: You will be able to offer pipes with bigger diameters, resisting higher pressure and operating temperatures. Armofor® outperforms conventional tapes made with glass or aramid reinforcement. Armofor® will survive even in very harsh corrosive conditions. Our track-record over the last two decades in Oil & Gas as well as in mining has exceeded all expectations. 

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The engineering behind

It’s not magic! Armofor® is the result of long-lasting research and development. Our production process allows us to accurately position and extrude our high strength and ductile steel cords. The extrusion material consists of thermoplastic or rubber matrix, depending on your application and your preference. Even the architecture of the steel cord can be adjusted to your individual needs. Thanks to our extensive expertise in steel transformation and coating technologies, we can also offer various technical and processing advice and support.

Easy application

You can cut, splice or spool our smart tape to reinforce pipelines. This will ensure a continuous flow and flexibility in your production process.

Decarbonizing the world

Our reinforcement solution is playing a significant role to decarbonizing the oil and gas industry. The transport of Hydrogen and CCUS will also benefit of the flexible design and the extraordinary strength of Armofor®. 



  • Product: Reinforced flexible pipes
  • Product: Reinforced thermoplastic pipes (RTP)
  • Market: High pressure water and hydrocarbon transport


  • Enlarged operating envelope: bigger pipe diameter, higher pressure and temperature.
  • Long lifetime in corrosive environments.
  • Easy installation due to maintained high flexibility of the pipe.


Shape Extruded tape consisting of aligned steel cords.
Bulk Material Steel cords with corrosion protective layer.
Coating Polymer or rubber extrusion.