Armoring wire

Bekaert’s armoring wire protects exploration cables that require hard-wearing armor. It is a galvanized, super-high tensile wire with superior strength and flexibility. You can produce thinner, stronger cables for offshore applications. Your customers can drill deeper and explore further. We provide standardized and tailored solutions. Meets ASTM-A411 specifications.

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Protecting what’s inside

Any damage to a gas exploration cable can have disastrous consequences for your customers. You need a hard-wearing armor that provides optimal protection against external factors like water- or ground pressure, corrosion, groundwork or salt water, marine activities. Bekaert’s armoring wires can help.

Expanding the possibilities

Bekaert’s extensive experience in wire drawing and coating technologies forms the basis for the quality of the armoring wires. Thanks to good mechanical stability and corrosion resistance, they can reinforce any cable that is intended to be installed onshore or offshore.

Meeting the standards

Bekaert armoring wires meet ASTM-A411 specifications. Our global team of experts is at your disposal to provide personalized support and offer customized solutions.



  • Create hard-wearing cable armoring
  • Protects the cable from damage
  • Protects the cable from damage
  • Meets ASTM-A411 specifications


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Shape Wire
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