Anchorage rope wire (offshore oil drilling installations)

Use Bekaert’s anchorage rope wire to create ropes that secure offshore platforms.  Designed for deep-sea use, this rope wire is safe, durable and handles the stress associated with mooring or anchoring.

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Designed for the sea

Our wire for anchoring ropes is strong and ductile. It is enough to handle the impact of deep water pressure, currents and storms. Our wires have optimal tensile strength and high ductility, which provides maximum breaking load and optimal fatigue and corrosion life at the 6-strand level thanks to Bezinal3000 coated wires. Ropes made from our wire can resist the stress or impact from mooring and anchoring. It is suitable for use with sea-based utility and exploration platforms.

Your experienced provider of marine wires

Choosing a solid and reliable rope wire is crucial to assuring the safety and service-life of your rope. Bekaert has many years of experience in providing reliable rope wires for oil and gas industry. Use the wire to produce both compacted and non-compacted ropes.

Create the rope you want

Bekaert’s standard range of rope wires is produced according to EN-10264-2 or API 9A specifications. Thanks to our flexible production process, we can meet any specific requirements and produce the wire according to your specs. Bekaert offers tailor-made solutions, flexible deliveries and on-site technical support.



  • Energy - Utilities
  • Oil platform
  • Specialities
  • Wire for large 6-strand ropes (up to 120mm) being used for (temporary) offshore installations being used for exploratory drilling (mainly for oil)
  • Wire for short term moorings that are usually associated with MODU’s (mobile offshore drilling units) which move from location to location
  • Anchorage for drilling vessels
  • Anchorage for small oil exploration platforms


  • Increased safety at high-tension operations
  • Long lifetime in deep-sea conditions
  • Excellent fatigue properties
  • Can be compacted


Shape Wire
Bulk Material C-steel
Coating Bezinal® , Zinc
Number of Wires 100-1000