Armofor®: Applying the pressure to fuel your efficiency

Balancing severe corrosion protection, high pressures, and elevated temperatures while not compromising on spoolability and flexibility is challenging. But in the energy industry, these elements are crucial to the safety and efficiency of your operations. Using advanced technology, we have developed Armofor®​, a unique steel cord reinforced tape that provides enhanced protection against corrosion and incredible performance in high pressures, increased temperatures, and large pipe diameters.

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Pushing the pressure boundaries with Armofor​®

Expanding pipe diameters and operating pressures while maintaining flexibility is no easy task – and it’s not something traditional materials like glass and Aramid reinforcement are built for. Reaching higher pressures and diameters for these reinforcements would require many additional layers, which not only drives up cost, but also limits the flexibility of the pipe. What if there was a way to avoid rigidness, and still increase the possibilities for handling greater diameters and pressures?

Our steel cord reinforced tape, Armofor​®​, contains multiple high-strength steel cords positioned with expert precision side-by-side in a thermoplastic matrix. This forms a high strength composite strip that’s incredibly lightweight and flexible, making it ideal for any application. With only a few layers, Aromofor®​ provides the strength needed to support high pressure, high diameter applications, yet still maintains incredible flexibility. Plus, the zinc coating guarantees a long and robust corrosion resistance, even in the most intense environments. 

High strength, lightweight solution that stands the pressure

Drive more efficiency and safety in your high impact, high pressure applications with outstanding design strength. Armofor​®​ steel cord reinforced tape consists of several high strength steel cords, accurately architectured side-by-side within a thermoplastic matrix. The elevated longitudinal tensile strength is creep-free with a high fatigue resistance, leading to a lightweight composite with superior flexibility, durability, and mechanical performances.

Resistant to temperature and corrosion in demanding environments

Conventional solutions cannot offer spoolability, high/low temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance, with the ability to withstand high pressure. Armofor​®​ is different. With advanced flexibility, higher pressure limits, and excellent corrosion and temperature resistance, Armofor​® boosts your operational reliability with long-term sustained performance.

Customizable and flexible to suit any application

The extreme flexibility of Armofor​® ​gives you the freedom to design high-pressure pipes for any environment. Choose various cord constructions, and select specific rubbers, plastics, or coatings. We can also cut, splice, or fusion bond tapes to ensure your solution is adapted for your environment. 

Supporting you, wherever you are

We provide a wide range of services to ensure your Armofor® solution is optimized for your application and environment:

  • Global support: Wherever you are, you can rely on us. All upon our services whenever you need support to optimize your design and construction.
  • On-site support: Access on-site, expert support recommendations bespoke to the requirements of your project.
  • Structural recommendations: Receive technical advice with our expert calculations and simulations to make sure you use the right product for your


  • Energy (transportation)
  • Oil and gas
  • Flexible pipes
  • SRTP


  • Safety and reliability in high impact and high pressure applications
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • High fatigue and corrosion resistance
  • High quality and reliability for peace of mind
  • Building on decades of technical expertise and operating excellence


Shape Complex
Bulk Material Polymer, C-steel
Coating Polyester, Other polymer, Zinc

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