Steel wire for industrial and polishing brushes

Bekaert offers an extensive range of high quality steel wires in hard drawn, annealed and Bessemer grades for industrial and polishing brushes. Each wire features high fatigue properties and excellent wear resistance, which leads to a consistent brush effect and extended brush life.

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Choose the right wire for an optimal brush effect

Bekaert’s low-carbon Bessemer wire is the ideal component for small and efficient polishing brushes. It features consistent mechanical properties and high fatigue life. We can produce diameters as thin as 20 μm. The filaments are trimmed and dynamically balanced to a smooth rotation at high speeds. The crimped structure is ideal for the even distribution of polishing pastes.

For brushes that require harder, stronger wire, Bekaert also offers hard-drawn wires and oil-tempered wires. Match the surface finish of your wires to your brush application so your customers can achieve a better brush effect. Our surface finishes include zinc and brass for hard drawn wires, and dry coatings for oil tempered wires.

Experienced producer of steel brush wires

Bekaert brush wires are available in a wide range of tempers, tensile strengths and steel alloys. Whether your brushes need to clean, polish or deburr, we are able to adapt the diameters, hardness or surface finish to provide wire that contributes to the perfect brushing effect.



  • Distributes pastes evenly
  • Rotate smoothly at high speeds
  • Extends brush life
  • Meets ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards


Shape Wire
Bulk Material C-steel, Stainless steel
Coating None, Zinc