Steel wire for street sweepers

Extend the service-life and reliability of your street sweepers with Bekaert’s high quality, high carbon steel wire. Bekaert brush wires feature high fatigue life and excellent wear resistance leading to a long-lasting brush life. Bekaert offers half products for the production of street sweeper brushes: round wire for cylindrical and flattening brushes, and flat wire for gutter brooms.

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Choose reliability

Bekaert brush wires stand out by their long service life. They feature a high corrosion resistance, high hardness and excellent fatigue properties. The wires are efficient at removing dirt, weeds and abrasive debris.

Optimize your production process

Bekaert brush wire for street sweepers are trimmed and balanced to achieve smooth rotation and unwinding at high speeds, while generating less dust.

Balance the right properties for the optimal brush effect

Each broom or brush has its own specific requirements. While Bekaert’s round wire for cylindrical and flattening brushes can galvanized for superior corrosion resistance, Bekaert flat wires for gutter brooms are hard-rolled or oil tempered to create a better resistance to fatigue and wear.

Experienced producer of steel brush wires

Bekaert brush wires are available in a wide range of tempers, tensile strengths and steel alloys. Whether your brushes need to clean, polish or deburr, we are able to adapt the diameters, hardness or surface finish to provide wire that contributes to the perfect brushing effect.



  • Handles any weather condition
  • Allows extensive and prolonged use
  • Customizable features
  • Meets ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards


Bulk Material C-steel
Shape Wire
Coating None, Zinc