Nail wire for automated systems

Bekaert nail wire consists of a very soft annealed, low carbon wire. The wire can also be copper coated on request. Its high corrosion resistance makes it suitable for outdoor construction applications.  Standard diameters of the wire are in stock and ready for shipment.

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Durable solution for a smooth feed

Bekaert nail wire for automated systems can be easily welded for the perfect alignment and spacing of your nails. Welded-wire nails can handle the stress from weather and job-site use.  They have high corrosion resistance. They are not brittle or prone to jamming like plastic joints. And they are less susceptible to damage compared to paper options.

Our flexibility will speed up your process

Thanks to a global production platform, we can offer you quick and efficient delivery. Our wire is available on different spool types. This way, you choose the spool that offers you the best pay-off and quickest change-overs.



  • Easy to weld
  • Durable in both stick and coil form
  • Suitable for applications in very hot or cold environments
  • Flexible delivery


Shape Wire
Bulk Material C-steel
Coating None, Zinc, Copper