Our mission

We drive value creation through a One Bekaert Team with the passion to win, operating in a no-harm-to-anyone work environment

Our commitment to safety

We want a no-harm, risk-free work environment for all our employees and for anyone working at or visiting our premises.

BeCare,  our global safety excellence program, has been designed as a roadmap to realize our safety objectives. This roadmap will help us define and implement the safety practices that benefit all Bekaert locations worldwide and ultimately, lead to better safety performance and a true safety culture.

Safety champions

In 2022, 27 manufacturing plants achieved 1 year without any recordable safety incident. 3 plants were 2 years incident-free. 3 plants achieved 5 years without recordable safety incidents, and 2 plants have been incident-free for 9 or more years. They are Bekaert’s safety champions and lead the way toward a no-harm, risk-free working environment for all.