No harm to anyone

Our over 27 000 employees are on the road on a weekly and often daily basis. They visit customers, travel to other plants around the world, or drive a forklift on the shop floor. 

Road safety is a key safety theme for Bekaert. We spend so much time on the road, we often forget there are hazards all around. Every incident and injury is one too many, and since “no-harm-to-anyone” is Bekaert’s safety ambition, we are taking action. 

Whether it’s driving a car, riding a motorcycle, cycling, or even walking down the street, we always need to stay careful and vigilant. We can protect ourselves and others by wearing protective clothing and following road safety regulations. Dedicating our efforts to eliminating hazards and reducing risks helps ensure everyone is safe on the road and traveling smart.

A (digital) poster campaign in all production sites and offices around the world helped to raise awareness on the topic. What brings this to life even more is hearing the real-life experiences of our employees. One of our colleagues shared his personal story in our employee podcast Bits & Bytes, about how he suffered a serious accident on the road. His reflection reinforces why “No harm to anyone” is so important, and how the accident has not only impacted the employee but also his wider family.

What will YOU do to establish the new possible on the road?

Each September, Bekaert organizes a global Health & Safety Week for all our employees. We built further on the road safety theme and made public road and traffic safety on our shop floors the main topic of Health & Safety Week 2022.

Bekaert’s purpose, Establishing the new possible, is the perfect message of what we want to achieve on the road. We can't limit ourselves when it comes to our health and safety. We can’t accept road accidents happening because we think they are sometimes unavoidable. We can break that imaginary boundary. We can ensure that 100% safe behavior on the road, which might seem impossible now, becomes our new possible. 

What will we do to help establish a new possible on the road?

That is the question we asked our employees. We organized global online webinars to improve road safety awareness and to share how we can reduce the chances of incidents. Our colleagues and guest speakers dug deeper into topics such as: 

  • causes for road accidents
  • specific safety checks for two-wheeled vehicles
  • the changes in driving behavior with e-mobility
  • a refresher on our Powered Industrial Truck standard for trucks and forklifts on the shop floor

Our employees in Asia, Europe and the Americas organized local events to raise road safety awareness, by inviting local law enforcement, experiencing accidents with driving simulators, giving defensive driving lessons, and more.

Road safety will remain a key priority for Bekaert. Let’s establish the new possible on the road, inside and outside of Bekaert.