Bekaert Dramix® steel fibers reduce carbon footprint of construction industry


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Bekaert has obtained an environmental product declaration (EPD) for its Dramix® steel fibers for concrete reinforcement production in Petrovice (Czech Republic), demonstrating its excellent sustainability credentials. The EPD will allow anyone involved in construction – from architects to developers - to compare Dramix® with traditional concrete reinforcement solutions, helping them to choose the most sustainable and durable solution for the entire lifecycle of their construction. 

Hendrik Thooft, Construction Technology and Value Solutions Managers, explains why obtaining the EPD is so important: “With the EPD and the calculator that we will launch in December, builders have a way to compare concrete reinforcement products and see the impact they have on the environment. We now have an objective tool to show how much CO2 you can save by using Dramix® steel fibers while building, compared to the traditional reinforcement solutions.”

Less CO2, less pollution

By using Dramix® steel fibers, industry players can significantly reduce the carbon footprint and pollution of their constructions. 

Steel fibers require 30 to 50% less steel compared to traditional reinforcement solutions and they reduce the thickness of concrete floors by 10 to 25% while maintaining or improving the floor’s performance and durability. Saving such quantities of steel and concrete has an immediate effect on the carbon footprint. 

Moreover, Dramix® steel fibers are a micro-plastic pollution-free solution, as is increasingly required by government regulations in shotcrete applications for sub-sea tunnels. Finally, the fuel consumption for transport per unit weight is substantially lower compared to transporting steel mesh because they are so densely packed, again saving CO2

Longer lasting concrete elements

Apart from this direct impact on the environment, there are also positive long-term effects, as Dramix®-reinforced concrete elements have longer lifetimes. 

Precast concrete pipes reinforced with Dramix® elongate the lifespan of pipe systems by 15 to 20 years, as confirmed by wastewater treatment organizations. 

In underground solutions, Dramix® steel fibers extend the service lifespan of concrete tunnels to no less than 120 years, thanks to optimal crack control and structural stability. 

Concrete floors reinforced with steel fibers are more durable and resistant to wear and tear than traditionally reinforced floors. This is particularly important in industrial flooring where increased warehouse automation with identical routes leads to localized usage-patterns.

EPD calculator compares Dramix® with other solutions

Because builders need strong arguments to decide which materials to use, Bekaert will launch an EPD calculator with One Click LCA, the world’s leading construction carbon platform, by the end of 2021. The calculator will help construction industry players measure how much more sustainable their constructions are if they use Dramix®. By comparing Dramix® solutions with alternatives, engineers and developers immediately learn how much environmental impact savings they can achieve by reducing the amount of concrete and steel reinforcement. 

Commitment to sustainability

Dramix® steel fibers exemplify Bekaert’s commitment to sustainability. The company has an ambitious sustainability agenda. In line with the Science Based Targets initiative, it aims to reduce Green House Gas emissions by 45% by 2030 and become Carbon Net Zero by 2050. Together with suppliers and customers, Bekaert collaborates to develop processes and applications that help drive sustainability improvements across the supply chain.