Bekaert prepares steel reinforced flexible pipe solution for hydrogen transmission

The high-pressure transmission network for green hydrogen will need an extensive use of repurposed natural gas pipelines for transport over long distances. Completing the network – beyond the backbone – to create an interconnected grid that stretches from production areas to distribution points and end-users, will require numerous new, small to medium diameter pipelines. 

Supported by the Belgian Federal Government’s call for Clean Hydrogen for Clean Industry projects, and with funding from the EU – NextGenerationEU Recovery and Resilience Facility – the Bekaert-led Comforthybel project will accelerate hydrogen-specific design and testing of Armofor® at operational pressure levels. 

Using proven and robust solutions that can be rolled out fast is going to be vital to achieving the ambitious emission reduction goals set globally. Bekaert is already a partner of choice for steel cord reinforced thermoplastic pipelines that have demonstrated their resilience in a variety of very challenging operational conditions. 

By end of 2025, we aim to demonstrate that our technologies offer a smart and efficient solution for superior grid resilience in the hydrogen network.


Are you interested in the Comforthybel project and the value it can bring to your pilot site or transmission project? 

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