Bekaert Construction news digest October 2019

This month’s news digest features a closer look at the construction industry’s struggle to become more efficient in terms of timing and budget. And have you ever wondered how improved weather forecasts could bring an end to extreme construction delays?

Furthermore, we take a look at an extraordinary boutique hotel on a Norwegian cliff and we dive into the growth of the European data center construction market. Be sure to click the links for the full stories.

How digitalization can raise the sector’s productivity level

A large construction project without cost or schedule overruns, has become the exception rather than the rule. Why is the industry failing to improve its efficiency, and what can technology do to change this? Read the full story here.

Bye bye, weather delays?

Billions of euros are lost every year in the construction sector, as a direct result of weather-related delays. The industry needs to ask itself: how can we improve traditional forecasts, so that delays become a thing of the past? Are super-local, minute-by-minute forecasts pure fiction, or the logical next step? Find out here.

Data construction in Europe is booming business

Data center construction is booming. The European market is expected to reach a staggering $13 billion by 2024. Click here to read more about the current Europe data center construction market, the many factors that influence the rapid change of this market, and the expected market dynamics. E-commerce in construction

The mesmerizing Boutique Hotel on Pulpit Rock

Have you seen the spectacular Cliff Concept Boutique Hotel on Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen) in Norway? The hotel is a design by the Turkish architectural company Hayri Atak.

If this hotel would become reality, it would be built into the side of Preikestolen, a popular tourist destination in southern Norway. Read more on this extraordinary boutique hotel here
E-commerce in construction

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