Bekaert Construction news digest September 2019

This month's news update features earthquake damage prediction sensors, drones in construction, modular construction, the Somero® Sky Screed® machine, and technological transformation. Click the links for the full stories.

The Kinemetrics' sensors that predict earthquake damage


Click here if you would like to learn more about Kinemetrics’ sensors that monitor the oscillations of a building in order to predict earthquake damage.

FairFleet's AI-driven drones that support construction


Who’s dreaming of drone support in construction? Discover FairFleet’s AI-driven drone services for building companies here

Hilton's modular built hotel in San Francisco


Hilton recently opened its first modular built hotel in the San Francisco area, after just 16 months of construction. The modular building technique is a huge time saver, since the components are constructed off-site and later assembled on top of concrete and steel bases at the site.

The world's first Laser Screed machine, by Somero Enterprises


Somero Enterprises introduced the Somero® Sky Screed® 25. It’s the world’s first Laser Screed® machine that allows screeding on structural high-rise and slab-on grade applications.