Underground reinforcement solutions

We have the right fiber for any job or performance requirement. Our products include synthetic and steel fiber solutions. We aim to offer you the smartest fiber solution to reinforce your project.

Dramix® steel fiber concrete reinforcement 

To ensure the safety and reliability of underground concrete structures such as precast tunnel linings, cast-in-situ linings and permanent spray concrete lining, Dramix® concrete reinforcement increases crack control and allows hardening post crack behavior at section level.

Benefits of Dramix®:

  • > Crack-control during construction
  • > Accelerated production process
  • > High impact resistance
  • > Increased durability of the final structure
  • > Reduced installation costs

Fib Model Code 10 for underground structures
Complies with Fib Model Code 10 designs



fiber concrete reinforcement solutions - Bekaert

Dramix® steel fibers maintain the durability of your structure. Proven and innovative, Dramix® concrete reinforcement provides optimal crack control increasing the structural stability and service life of your underground concrete structures. 


fiber concrete reinforcement solutions - sustainability - Bekaert

Dramix® steel fibers also contribute to sustainable construction. Because the fibers are added directly to the concrete mix, you need to transport fewer materials to the construction site. You will also need less equipment to put the reinforcement in place. 



Our other solutions 

Duomix® M6 Fire 

Duomix® M6 Fire is a multifilament polypropylene fiber used in applications that require anti-spalling fire resistance. The fiber provides optimal shrinkage crack control and is suitable for all fire curves. Duomix® M6 Fire is perfectly compatible with steel fiber and traditional reinforcement.  

Fire retardant synthetic reinforcement fiber for underground tunnel and mining applications
Reinforcement fibers for underground shotcrete applications


Synmix® HP 55 polypropylene fibers provide the best cost/joule performance to control large deformations in shotcrete applications. The main use of these macro-synthetic fibers is in non-structural applications that are vulnerable to large deformations, or in temporary structures used in civil works and mining.