Underground tunneling

Construction Method

We provide innovative and state-of-the-art fiber reinforcement solutions for each step of the existing tunneling construction methods.

Conventional tunneling 

Conventional tunneling is the construction of underground openings using a cyclic construction process. Dramix® steel fiber reinforced concrete is compatible with each step of this construction process: from preliminary lining to final lining (cast-in-situ and spray lining).

Mechanized  tunneling 
Mechanized tunneling includes all mechanical excavations. Dramix® steel fiber concrete reinforcement has a 25-year track record of providing robustness and longevity in segmental linings in many projects across the world.

Different solutions for different requirements 

To contain long-term loads (ULS), and obtain optimal crack control (SLS) and durability we recommend different solutions for different requirements: 

   Application   Product
 fiber reinforcement shotcrete lining  Temporary lining (spray concrete)
  • Dramix® 3D 6535BG steel fibers
  • Synmix® HP 55 fibers
 Fiber concrete reinforcement precast segmental lining  Segment reinforcement
  • Dramix® 4D 8060BG steel fibers
 fiber reinforcement shotcrete lining  Permanent spray concrete lining
  • Dramix® 4D 6535BG steel fibers
 fiber reinforcement concrete final linings  Cast-in place lining
  • Dramix® 5D 6560BG steel fibers
 fiber reinforcement shotcrete lining  Fire resistance  Duomix® M6 Fire fibers