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This range of high carbon steel wire is particularly suitable for manufacturing bedding and seating applications such as bonnel springs, pocket springs, helical springs and border frames. Depending on the type of spring and application, various grades and surface treatments are available. Bekaert bedding and seating wire can be either phosphated or coated with borax, with or without oil coating.

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Certified quality

To guarantee the uncompromised quality of our products, all Bekaert bedding and seating wire conforms to several internationally recognized certificates including: BS 4637: 1970, JIS G3521: 1996, BS 5896: 1980.
Our manufacturing plants are certified for ISO9001: 2008 OHSAS 1800 and ISO 14001.

Product range

Applications Diameter Tensile range
Helical wire 1.30 - 1.40 mm 1600 - 1800 N/mm²
Pocket springs 1.50 - 2.00 mm 1600 - 1800 N/mm²
Bonnel springs 2.10 - 2.50 mm 1600 - 1800 N/mm²
Stabilizer springs 3.20 - 4.00 mm 1570 - 1770 N/mm²
Border frames 4.00 - 5.00 mm 1670 - 2000 N/mm²

These are standard dimensions, other specifications on request.
Diameter range starts from 1.20 mm.

Why choose Bekaert?

Optimize your application - rely on our advanced coating capabilities

Whatever property is important for you: processability, weldability, looks, corrosion or wear resistance, etc., Bekaert can help. Over the years, Bekaert has developed an extensive coating portfolio ranging from the standard galvanized solutions to the more sophisticated zinc aluminum Bezinal® range to numerous other materials (e.g. lacquer, polymers, ceramics, etc.). Bekaert’s coatings can be applied separately (or combined) in whatever amount is needed from nanometers to micrometers.

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Our global experience means that your products are manufactured to strict international standards of safety and quality. Our local presence means that we are at your service at all times. In the event of a question or concern, a trained professional will answer your call as soon as possible.
Whatever your application, we will work closely with you. Together, we will create a lasting solution that answers your needs.



Wrapped in high-density polyethylene sheets on a catch weight coil or wrapped around a core of cardboard tubes.

Wire diameter Inner diameter Outer diameter Catch weight coil
1.30 - 1.60 mm 340 - 370 mm 580 - 620 mm 100/200/350 kg
1.70 - 5.00 mm 500 - 560 mm 780 - 850 mm 200/500/750 kg
4.00 - 5.00 mm 1800 mm 2300 mm 500/1000 kg

These are standard coil dimensions, other specifications on request.



Steel carriers or stems wrapped in plastic stretch foil

Cut lengths

For border wires