Better corrosion resistant filters for a para-aramid production company


High oxidizing environment (100% density H2SO4), requiring media to have excellent oxidation resistant performance


Developed XL372 to solve fast corrosion issue

One of our customers offers one of the industry’s broadest selections of filters, including air, compressed air, cartridge, engine, hydraulic, pleated, oil and steam filter solutions for numerous industrial and commercial applications.
Jim Ye, our application manager for this filter element maker, recalls a specific problem with low corrosion resistance of one of their filters. He describes how Bekaert came to the rescue with a superior product based on metal fiber media technology.

The challenge

“An end user in China with a para-aramid production in excess of 1000 tonnes per year was complaining about the short lifetime of only 1-2 weeks of one of our polymer filter candles in a para-aramid application. Our competitor was claiming a lifetime of around 30 days for a comparable product.
Upon investigation we identified the problem: rapid corrosion of the polymer filter candle. If we could not improve our product’s performance, we would lose this customer to our competitor. We therefore called in Bekaert to urgently support us in helping to develop media
with improved corrosion resistance.”

The solution

“The improved corrosion resistance of the Bekaert metal fiber media saved the day! We were able to present the dissatisfied customer with a new product with a filter candle lifetime that we claimed was in excess of 30 days.
The customer took it away and conducted three rounds of tests independently. They found that the average lifetime was around 40 days! Obviously they were satisfied with this performance, and we were happy to have regained the confidence of the customer.”