Heating Cables FAQ


1. Where are Bekaert heating cables used?

Bekaert heating cables are used in various heating applications. Automotive heating applications include car seat heating, heating cables for SCR Adblue® tubes, water injection and heating panels. Other applications for heating cables are clothing, medical devices, indoor heating panels, road heating and many others.

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2. What do Bekinox® and Bekiflex® provide in the heating element application and what are the critical parameters?

These cables, used as a resistance wire, provide a homogeneous heat distribution. The critical parameters are electrical resistance, corrosion resistance, thickness, mechanical properties, durability, comfort, and safety.

  •  Electrical resistance
    Consistency in electrical resistance is one of the most important critical parameters for heating elements, because it determines the amount of heat (power) generated and the homogeneity of the heat across the heater.
  •  Durability & Safety
    The focus is on durability and specifically on wear resistance of the heating system. Wear can cause hot spots and thus unsafe circumstances. Bekinox® VN is the most durable and safe heating cable. Bekinox® VN is the most flexible heating yarn on the market, is machine washable, and can be used in highly flexible media such as clothing and seat heating.
  •  Comfort
    Neither the heating element nor its fitting should be felt through the seat covering. The softness and durability of the Bekinox® VN product is thus ideal. The heating element should permit fast and uniform heat distribution across the seat component. Stainless steel has a very good thermal conductivity.

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3. What level of heating can be generated?

The generated heat depends on the power being applied to the heating element and the electrical resistance of the heating element. Bekaert heating wires are used for high-power heating elements such as indoor heating panels as well as in many other heating applications.

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4. What type of heating cable should be used?

To find the right heating cable, various factors have to be taken into account: What power do you want to generate? What temperature do you want to generate? What electrical power will be applied? Will your element be used in a flexible environment? What are the dimensions of the surface to be heated? What is the length of the heating cable?
Bekaert has different types of cables made from different types of alloys and constructions, so we can suggest the right heating cable for your application.

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