Cold Rolled Steel Profiles

The cold-rolling process changes the dimensions of the steel material by pressing it in pairs of precision-ground rolls. This method is considered cold because it relies on the friction between the steel and mills to change the stock's width, length and thickness rather than a heat source.

Bekaert offers cold-rolled steel shapes and cold-finished steel bar products. We will work with you to create solutions for your project specifications. Our cold-rolled steel profiles are beneficial for various industries and offer several advantages over hot-rolled steel.

Benefits of Cold-Rolled Steel

The advantages of cold-rolled products include:

  • Better precision: Compared to hot-rolling, cold-rolling creates a more precise end product by preventing warpage and adhering to much tighter tolerances. The accuracy allows Bekaert to produce cold-rolled steel profiles to customer specifications.
  • Grain refinement: Cold-rolling enhances the grain in steel.
  • Smooth surface finish: Steel processed by cold-rolling has a smoother finish as opposed to the rough surface you get from hot-rolling. Profiles with this smooth surface are ideal for various applications.

The Process of Creating Cold-Rolled Steel Wire

Bekaert's cold-rolling process begins with raw steel material in rod form. We place the rods through mill stands, also called tandem mills. The mills flatten and elongate the rods. As the steel rods travel through the mill stands, the mills work faster, and the rods continue to increase in length. The finished steel wire comes out of the other end of the final mill stand.

Cold-Rolled Products

Cold-rolled steel flat wires, shaped wires and larger metal profiles are available in continuous coils with no welds up to 5,500 pounds (lbs.), or 2.5 Metric Tons (MT). Bekaert can also package cold-rolled steel in cut lengths from as short as 0.250 inches, or 6.35 millimeters (mm), to over 20 feet (ft.), or 6 meters (m.).

Applications for Cold-Rolled Steel

Cold-rolled steel is valuable to industries and applications where precision, strength and surface quality are essential. Applications include:

  • Architectural grates/screens/panels
  • Automotive components throughout the vehicle
  • Agriculture and industrial equipment
  • Appliance/white goods
  • Metal furniture and hardware
  • Stamping, coining and machining applications
  • Energy-related applications
  • Consumer goods

Why Choose Bekaert as Your Cold-Rolled Steel Wire Supplier?

Bekaert has created high-quality cold-rolled steel wire for various markets in North America since 1970. Our global reach, expert staff, top-of-the-line equipment and proven processes allow us to deliver exceptional work for your company. Other reasons to choose Bekaert include:

One-Stop Shop Capabilities

Bekaert's competencies are all available under one roof. We can create various shapes and profiles to specification in our facility, going from the raw material to the finished product.

Cold-Rolled Steel Profiles to Specification

Where other manufacturers only offer basic shapes, Bekaert can give you the shape, size, profile, metal type, diameter and surface finish you need. By creating products to specification, we eliminate the need to machine the part further once you receive it.

Uniform Formability

Bekaert performs heat treatments, either annealing to soften steel for forming applications or hardening and tempering to increase the strength and durability of the steel. Our metallurgists and process engineers will work with you to determine the optimal hardness or tensile properties for your application.

Diversity of Metals

Bekaert’s processing capabilities go beyond low-carbon and high-carbon steels. We also process alloy steels, stainless steels, bearing grades, nickel-based alloys and nonferrous metals such as brass, copper, bronze, aluminum, titanium and other exotic alloys. Bekaert rolls these metals and alloys at temperatures below their recrystallization point to produce the desired effects on physical properties and surface finish.

Industry-Leading Equipment

Bekaert's plant in Orrville, Ohio, has several types of cold-rolling equipment sourced from leading engineering companies. Our machinery includes:

  • Shaped wire tandem rolling mills
  • Flat wire tandem rolling mills
  • Shaped wire single stand rolling mills (capable of shaped or flat pass)

Reduced Waste

Bekaert uses cold-rolling methods that produce as little waste as possible. As a result, your company will get the finished product in the desired form for your application.

Contact Bekaert for Cold-Rolled Profiles Today

Bekaert is a cold-rolling industry leader ready to partner with you for cold-rolled profiles and wires. At Bekaert, our trained technicians and quality-certified plants allow us to manufacture high-precision cold-rolled steel profiles for your applications.

We take the time to understand your specifications and collaborate with your engineering team to create cost-effective final products. Bekaert has a broad range of manufacturing capabilities, making us an excellent development partner for your cold-rolled steel profile needs.

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