Auger wire

Bekaert auger wire is a flat steel profile with a consistent internal structure. It allows the forming of a durable and regular helical shape. The smooth wire surface makes it ideal for the production of animal feeding equipment. It is easy to keep clean and corrosion free.


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  1. High Hardness
  2. Uniform Steel Composition
  3. Corrosion Resistance
  4. Low Maintenance
  5. Flexible Delivery
  6. Customized To Your Applications
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High Hardness

The high carbon wire can be either oil tempered or induction hardened. Most of our wires have a consistent hardness of about 38/39 HRC. A higher hardness can be achieved on request. High hardness is essential to tolerate the dynamic forces applied on the auger system. The high fatigue life of the wire results in a long lifetime and a reliable performance.

When our auger wire is used in animal feeding equipment, it endures high frictional stress and abrasion. The high hardness of our wire increases the wear resistance to make your equipment function seamlessly for longer. 

Uniform Steel Composition

Bekaert auger wire is a high quality steel wire with a uniform internal structure. The wire accommodates the wrapping of a regular spiral shape without creating waviness. Even with use, your auger wire will not change in structure over time, offering consistent performance for various applications. 

Corrosion Resistance

Stainless steel is naturally corrosion resistant. Animal feeding husbandry equipment like feeding systems often exist in changing outdoor conditions. With moisture from rain and snow, corrosion resistance is critical for maintaining the integrity of the equipment. Stainless steel auger wire will survive these outdoor conditions without developing corrosion or rust. 

Low Maintenance

The natural corrosion resistance of stainless steel also makes the cleaning process easy. Once you integrate our auger wire into your equipment, your end users can enjoy a low maintenance machine that lasts. 

Flexible delivery

Bekaert keeps a comprehensive stock of the main diameters of auger wire. Our local warehouses around the globe enable us to provide quick service and delivery to most worldwide destinations.

We'll ship your wire to you with the preferred packaging and processing. We can send wire in exact cut pieces, spools, coils or bar lengths for your convenience, and we support assembly-ready parts with hardening and polishing already complete. 

Customized to Your Applications

Your wire auger dimension will vary based on your machinery. At Bekaert, we customize our steel components to your project for the best results. We'll collaborate with you to understand your application and determine the best properties for your project. Choose from various edge shapes and a series of diameters for your wire.

Why Choose Bekaert as Your Stainless Steel Auger Manufacturer?

At Bekaert, we support your project demands from start to finish. With state-of-the-art technical resources and a team of dedicated experts, we can meet your component requirements for a successful final project.

Our turnkey approach allows us to deliver a component designed for your needs. After designing your auger wire, we'll prototype the product for you to confirm the function before production begins. With industry-accepted testing methods, our projects are quality assured before they're delivered to your door. Our commitment to rapid product development allows you to stick to strict timelines without sacrificing quality and performance.

Beyond our resources, we believe in attentive and helpful customer service every step of the way. When you contact our team, you can expect fast responses and actionable solutions. We also prioritize cost-effectiveness for all projects, so you get the most for your partnership with us.

Contact Us About Auger Wire Today

Bekaert has been in business for over 140 years, and our expertise is unmatched. We're happy to partner with you for the long term. Our turnkey auger wire is a powerful component for animal husbandry equipment. We look forward to collaborating with you and streamlining your manufacturing processes.

Call our expert team at +1 330-683-5060 to learn more! You can also reach out online to request more information and a free quote.





  • Excellent formability
  • Long wearing
  • Flexible delivery


Bulk Material C-steel, Stainless steel
Shape Wire
Coating None