Fishing rope wire (trawling and purse seining)

Bekaert offers two types of rope wires for the fishing industry, both of which conform to the EN-10264-2 standard. The first is best for coastal fishing and the second is for trawling and purse seining. Featuring high strength and excellent ductility, the wire can also be compacted, reducing wear on your pulleys. They have excellent abrasion resistance.

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Extending your rope’s lifetime

Industrial fishing ropes are submitted to a lot of wear and abrasion, especially trawling ropes used in purse seining. This is why our marine rope wire is suited for the fishing industry. It’s designed with: good corrosion resistance thanks to Bezinal® and Bezinal®3000 coatings, high tensile strength, consistent dimensions for a reduced pulley wear and increased abrasion resistance.

Coastal and industrial fishing ropes

Both types of our fishing rope wire conform to the EN-10264-2 standard. For the coastal fishing industry, we offer a wide range of flexible, corrosion resistant wires. They are best for fine, high tensile, non-compacted ropes. For trawling and purse seining, we offer an equally wide range of high strength wires. These are suitable for thicker, compacted ropes that require higher abrasion resistance.

Fine-tuned properties

Depending on your design, Bekaert can fine-tune the material properties of its rope wires. We offer standard class A and B galvanized wires that improve corrosion resistance. We also have wires coated with Bezinal® and Bezinal®3000, our own zinc aluminum coatings. If your ropes need superior resistance to corrosion and martensite friction, choose Bezinal® coatings.



  • Agriculture
  • Fishing and Animal husbandry
  • Wire for fishing ropes for coastal fishing
  • Wire for fishing ropes for industrial trawling (midwater trawling, pelagic trawling,…)
  • Wire for fishing ropes for purse seining (tuna fishing)
  • Steel wire for combination ropes being used for fishing and shipping


  • Improves the rope’s lifetime in marine environments
  • Reduces pulley and abrasion wear
  • Resists martensite friction
  • Use with compacted and non-compacted fishing ropes


Shape Wire
Bulk Material C-steel, Stainless steel
Coating Bezinal® , Zinc
Number of Wires 100-1000