Suspension spring wire

Suspension spring wires are oil tempered or induction hardened chromium-silicon steel wires with a diameter ranging from 8 to 15.5mm. An oil tempered wire acquires its mechanical properties by heat treatment after it has been drawn to its final size. 

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Tempering and annealing guarantees more uniform mechanical properties than simple cold drawing.

Our trade mark is Becrosi 37® and Becrosi 37 H® for higher tensile strength, according to EN10270-2 norm.



  • Automotive
  • Corner
  • Automotive suspension springs are the shock absorbers between wheels and rest of the vehicle.
  • They reduce unwanted noise and vibrations in the vehicle.
  • Bekaert is mainly active in the aftermarket (replacement and tuning).


  • Homogeneous mechanical properties and surface
  • High impact resistance


Bulk Material Other ferrous
Shape Wire
Coating None