Clutch spring wires

Clutch spring wires are oil tempered steel wires with diameter ranging from 1 to 8mm.  An oil tempered wire acquires its mechanical properties by heat treatment after it has been drawn to its final size.  Tempering and annealing guarantees more uniform mechanical properties than simple cold drawing. 

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Unalloyed steel (Becarbo 20(H)®) is used for low strength and chromium-silicon alloyed steel (Becrosi 26®) for high strength, medium dynamic applications.  A clean chromium-silicon steel is used for high dynamic applications (Becrosi 36®). 
Eddy current testing can be applied when requested (Becrosi 26T®/36T®).
According to EN10270-2 norm (EN code SiCrTD, SiCrVD).



  • Automotive
  • Drive train
  • The clutch is a subcomponent of the transmission that is designed to engage and disengage power flow between the engine and the transmission.
  • The clutch springs help to isolate the transmission from the shock of the clutch engaging and dampen unwanted vibrations from the engine compartment.
  • Both cylindrical springs as banana spring types (Dual Mass Flywheel) can be used.


  • Homogeneous mechanical properties and surface
  • High fatigue resistance, high shear yield strength/torsion stiffness
  • High tensile strength enabling weight reductions


Bulk Material Other ferrous
Shape Wire
Coating None