Exhaust filtration media

Exhaust filtration
Legislation for diesel and gasoline particulate filtration (DPF/GPF) is becoming ever more stringent to ensure that fine dust and soot particles from a vehicle’s exhaust are efficiently captured. Potential solutions are ceramic filters and metal fiber filters. Metallic filters are used in diesel generators, off-road equipment, passenger transport, and heavy-duty trucks.
Bekipor® metal fiber media are ideal for DPF and GPF applications. These very fine, lightweight metal fibers (typical diameter between 17 and 30 µm) enable high porosities (up to 88%) and optimal filter performance and durability.

The use of Fecralloy® improves resistance to corrosion and temperatures up to 1050°C.

These flexible media can be shaped into unlimited designs for integration into the exhaust system. A high degree of sound absorption can eliminate the need for a silencer/muffler.


Allows active regeneration by electricity

Conductive media enable electrical heating, which reduces fuel consumption at low temperature.

Low pressure drop

High porosity of our media enables low pressure drop.

Resistant to vibration and high temperature

Superior resistance to mechanical shock compared to ceramics. No engineered high temperature mat is required to mount the filter. Limited weight increase by oxidation up to 1050°C (Fecralloy®).

Easily pleated, rolled, corrugated and coated

Numerous design options enable both open and closed filters for any filter type including DOC, POC, DPF, GPF and EGR. A coating will enhance the chemical properties of your filter design.


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