Wiper arm wire

Bekaert wiper arm wire is a flat high or low carbon wire with a best in class, zinc aluminum coating. This coating, Bezinal®, is up to three times more corrosion resistant than zinc. The high strength wire allows extensive post-processing. Its excellent internal structural integrity does not break under deformation or longtime use, increasing its lifetime.

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High strength properties

Bekaert wiper arm wire balances good ductility and high tensile strength. The result is a sturdy flat wire that withstands a large number of post-processes. The mechanical properties of the wire accommodate the increased pressure of high speed wiper-settings.

A longer lifetime and reliable performance

Bezinal®, the wire's zinc aluminum coating, is up to three times more corrosion resistant than galvanized wires.  This includes an excellent cathodic protection of the cut-ends. This results in a longer lifetime and more reliable performance of your wiper blades.



  • Extends service life and improves reliability
  • Smooth forming process
  • Custom-made to fit your specific design
  • Requires less post-processing


Shape Wire
Bulk Material C-steel
Coating Bezinal®